My name is Mick and many WAP Bets readers will of heard of my successful winning Naps service called "Early Morning Punter." It has enjoyed incredible success since its launch making +1426.16 points profit since launch a couple of years back.

If you're a member that's great and I hope you're enjoying the profits. However today I write to inform you that I don't only find winning Naps I also have a system in place that also finds Each Way Longshots and some at HUGE prices

You can see all the details of my Early Morning Punter service HERE and every result from day one HERE

Successful as that service is, I honestly believe my Longshot Punter bets have the potential to offer even bigger profits with some of the huge potential my system identifies.

Since I started sending my longshot selections to WAP Bets in November 2020 "The Longshot Punter" system has made over £15,000 profit to £25 stakes!

Finding 1st place winners over 20/1 on several occasions as you can see listed below...
02/12/2020 14:20 Haydock Late Romantic Each Way 5pt 26.00 Win
13/12/2020 14:30 Southwell Dame du Soir Each Way 5pt 21.00 Win
21/12/2020 17:25 Newcastle Good Night Mr Tom Each Way 5pt 21.00 Win
26/12/2020 15:00 Kempton Frodon Each Way 5pt 26.00 Win
27/12/2020 14:30 Kempton Nube Negra Each Way 5pt 29.00 Win

*ALL prices stated are over odds of 20/1 (21.00), many more winners at big prices can be found in the previous results below
Well the first thing to be clear on is that this service will deliver the bets much later in the day (usually early afternoon) than my other service as the system I use to select takes into account certain factors of which I can only be certain are correct later in the day.

So you will get your selections via E-mail or if you choose the instant option; via the Telegram App, we recommend both to ensure you get the selections.

They will arrive in your inbox early afternoon but also in plenty of time before the selection is due to run.

I generally only advise one bet a day but that can change if I see more opportunities, however you will certainly not be bombarded by numerous bets every day. We are aiming down the scope for quality not quantity.
One word which you should never forget – PATIENCE! – Inevitably as you will see from my proofing we will have losing runs but and it’s a big but – When we win – WE WIN BIG!

Although I only started proofing these bets to WAP in November my system has proved itself to me for 18 Months now and has been very profitable. I only came to WAP with the idea once I knew this was working for me.

So always please bare in mind that we may have losing runs but remember we will win long term. If you expect to win every single day then to be frank this service is NOT for you.
I am looking for 100 people only who want to bet and work with me on my new project and will be in a position to take full advantage of these great big priced winners.

Please do not take up one the 100 places unless you are deadly serious about working with me long term and have the funds available to make that happen.

Monthly Standard Membership is £49.00 a month but if you want to grab a huge saving then we have 2 payment options available, each offer better than the last!
After joining I'll send you a welcome email with full details of the service plus a betting bank and staking plan for making maximum profits from The Longshot Punter

Join By Clicking The Sign Up Button Below...

NOTE : If you see no pay buttons below it means the Service is now full but please enter your details in the capture box below if you wish to be notified in the future of any places becoming available. Entering your details will ensure you are on the waiting list.
In entering your details you confirm that you have read and accept the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and also confirm you are 18 years old or over
Thank you for your interest. I look forward to welcoming you onboard very soon and helping you take your Betting career to the next level.

Best Wishes,

Mick – The Longshot Punter

PS. Once we have 100 Members the doors will shut so if you’re interested please join now if you still can. If you missed out then be sure to put yourself on the waiting list!
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